GE Agriculture

GE applying innovation and out-of-the-box thinking to revolutionize the agriculture field.  brings that mindset and technology to rural areas around the world. Advanced, centralized farming offers the economic advantages of large-scale enterprises to those who have never had access to them before. By integrating technology, know-how, experience, and training with economies of scale, projects can become the catalyst for intensive economic growth. Their wide-reaching impact strengthens food security, livelihoods, and overall progress.


The key to the success of an agricultural project

Is in creating the support structure around which it can achieve self-sufficiency. It may be a single farm or a whole community, it can be anything from growing vegetables to poultry, from field crops to operating a slaughterhouse, but in any case, our skills lie in putting in place whole solutions to enable the core business to thrive. We believe that at the heart of any project are people.