GE Telecommunication

Information is all around us and it is more accessible than ever. Those who know how to gather it, analyze it, and use it to advantage can empower themselves and others.

state-of-the-art solutions for governments, telecom service providers, and the private sector, specializing in the delivery of data and voice solutions. 

Years of global experience

enable us to design, develop, and implement large-scale, cutting-edge telecommunication solutions. Our highly trained and efficient staff is totally committed to providing the leading-edge solutions needed to help our customers work and communicate more efficiently and profitably.

GE provides a comprehensive design, operational, and management solution, directly and through its companies, for projects in these principal areas:

• Solutions for Governments, Businesses, And Other Large-Scale Enterprises

Transmission Solutions

Implementation and Operation Of LTE, GSM, CDMA, VAS, Paging, WiFi, And WiMax Technologies

Cyber security solutions

• Satellite Hubs and VSAT Solutions, Including TV Broadcasting